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Boutique Home Whitening Kit

Now for £250 (was £400)

Now for £250 for a limited period of time.
+ £60 for Dental Exam.

New Patient Exam for £60

Boutique Whitening is a great way to whiten your teeth at home. Your dentist will take an impression of your mouth and have a custom whitening tray made for you.

Now for £250 for a limited period of time.


The colour of your teeth can be affected by many factors, including aging, staining from food and drink, trauma, illness, disease and medication.

Professional teeth whitening from a dentist is the only safe, legal, and effective method of achieving a whiter, brighter smile.

Here at Carlton Dental, we use Boutique Teeth Whitening, a premium quality, professional teeth whitening system that delivers superior results, and we love it!

At Carlton Dental we work hard to ensure that we offer the most advanced, effective and convenient treatments for our patients.


We offer the Boutique Whitening system because it is quick, affordable and it is applied in the comfort of your own home.


Key Benefits Of Boutique Whitening:

  • – Quick
  • – Custom trays
  • – Desensitiser built in
  • – Safe
  • – Exceptional Results

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