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Nervous Patients

At Carlton Dental we welcome nervous patients through our friendly and relaxed approach to dentistry. Our dentist Will is known for being sympathetic, caring and gentle with all of his patients, having suffered from dental phobia and severe anxiety himself as a child. All patients are free to visit the surgery informally to have a look around and meet and talk to staff members, free of charge, before deciding to make an official appointment.

We believe that the best approach with nervous patients is to discuss what their specific fears are and how these can be addressed. By explaining to Will why you are nervous it is easier for him to work around the problem and alleviate your concerns. One of the ways we help patients is to constantly explain the treatment, before and during procedures, meaning you know what to expect and this is more likely to put your mind at ease.

We allow extra time per appointment and agree a ‘stop’ signal that allows the patient control of the situation. Wherever possible, simpler procedures would be scheduled first before building up to more complex treatment, allowing the patient to gain confidence. If it helps you are more to welcome to bring a friend, partner or relative. Some patients prefer to bring their own music that they can listen to during procedures.

Even though we do not provide inhalation or intravenous sedation these options can be discussed and referrals to specialist clinics done as necessary.