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Welcome to Carlton Dental in Carshalton

Established 1993.

At Carlton Dental our friendly and highly experienced team are here to provide you and your family with high quality dental care in a calm and relaxing environment. Whether making a simple appointment or undertaking a complex course of treatment, you can feel safe and confident in the friendly and professional environment of our practice.

Welcoming New Patients

Practice Philosophy

It is our practice philosophy to promote dental and oral health at all times. It is estimated that despite the importance of dental and oral health half the population do not visit the dentist and hygienist regularly. Poor oral health has been linked to Heart Disease, Diabetes, Respiratory Infections and adverse pregnancy outcomes (low birth weight and premature babies). Some people feel a deep-seated anxiety about dentistry. We understand. Please discuss your fears with us and we will do everything we can to help. Irregular treatment often results in more extensive and, consequently, more expensive treatment. Regular visits help to cut down problems – and the bills!

Our three-stage process

We base our dental care on a simple three-stage process with you, the patient.

  • Our first step is to give you a Mini Health Check so that you have an idea of your current health.
  • Secondly, we have a thorough and detailed look around your mouth and identify any problems that you may have.
  • Finally, we recommend a treatment plan that allows you to take ownership of your oral health.

It is only through an understanding of what needs to be done to improve your oral health and then taking control of your own treatment that you have the ability to ensure you maintain a healthy mouth.

We believe that by advising and empowering you and giving you the right tools and knowledge, you will be able to increase your resilience and keep your teeth for life.

Of course, you may already attend regularly, in which case you are probably fully aware of the importance of dental and oral health and your dental appearance. If any aspect of your dental appearance concerns you, no matter how trivial it may seem, please discuss it with us. Always follow your dentist and hygienist’s advice to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

We stock a range of hygiene products such as toothbrushes, mouthwashes, dental floss, interdental brushes and specific toothpastes. Ask at reception.

Please see our Introductory offers on dental implants and Facial cosmetics and new patient consultations

Information for our Practice Plan Patients

Firstly, we thank you for sticking by us during this difficult time. We fully understand that payments have been taken, and some of you may be wondering if you have over paid. To ensure that is not the case, we will endeavour to ensure that no one is out of pocket. This will be done in a number of ways, firstly we will ensure that those patients that need check ups are seen to as soon as possible. Secondly, we are doubling the time that you will get from the hygienist, previously patients were limited to 15min appointments, we are now providing 30 minute appointments. Lastly, if we find that patients have not been able to receive their warranted number of check ups or cleans (especially given, that there will undoubtedly be a back log, due to the lockdown) we will ensure that a credit is applied to those patients, so that any further treatment required will be provided with a discount, this credit will be not be limited to just routine treatment (as it is currently with the agreement you have with Practice Plan), but also to the numerous extra services we now offer (for example, implants, orthodontics and botox/fillers). With all of these measures in place, we are confident that not one of our plan patients will be out of pocket. If any plan patients require further information, we will be happy to answer any questions over the phone, or when we see you face to face.

Sincerely yours,

Carlton Dental