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New Patient Consultations
As a new patient to the practice, you will undergo an in-depth examination as well as a medical and dental history to give us the best chance to formulate a treatment plan that will suit your needs and wishes. The fee for this is £60.00 £45.00 (Promotional Period).

Routine Examinations
Once you become a regular attending patient, we will do Routine Examinations which will be charged at £39.00.

We also offer a practice-specific monthly payment scheme through Practice Plan, which helps to spread the cost of routine maintenance and also provides a discount on certain fees. For more information, please contact reception.

General Fee
Routine Exam £39.00
New Patient Consultation £60.00 £45.00 (Promotional Period)
Emergency Appointment £39.00 (+ Required treatment)
X-Ray Fee
Per X-ray £8.00
Hygiene Fee
Hygienist Appointment (30 Mins) £54.00
Direct Hygiene Access £60.00
Implants Fee
Single Tooth From £2200.00
(£2000.00 for Practice Plan patients)
Three Teeth (2 Implants + Bridge) From £4800.00
Sinus Graft From £600-1200.00
Bone Augmentation (With Implant) £100-400.00
Bone Agumentation (Without Implant – Separate Visit) £600-800.00
Full Arch Lower (4 Implants + Bridge) From £9000-12,000.00
Full Arch Upper (6 Implants + Bridge) From £12,000-15,000.00
Dentures Fee
Acrylic Denture From £500-750.00
Cobalt Chrome Denture From £950-1150.00
Invisalign Treatment Fees Fee
Simple Alignment (Single Arch) £1200
Simple Alignment (Dual Arch) £1500
Simple to Moderate Alignment (Single Arch) £2700
Simple to Moderate Alignment (Dual Arch) £3000
Moderate to Severe Alignment (Dual Arch) £4000
Align – Bleach Bond Package £4500
White Filling Fee
Small £120-140.00
Medium £150-180.00
Large £200-250.00
Pin / Post Core Build Up £100.00
Root Canal Treatments Fee
RCT Incisor/Canine From £315.00
RCT Premolar From £345.00
RCT Molar From £450.00
Extractions Fee
Simple Extraction – Per Tooth From £140.00
Surgical Extraction From £200.00
Dry Socket £20.00
Socket Preservation £250-350.00
Mouthguards Fee
Soft £150.00
Sports £200.00
Michigan Splint £500.00
Whitening Fee
Standard £325.00
Enlighten £600.00
Facial Cosmetics Fee
Initial Consult (This will be deducted from treatment cost) £45.00
Botox 1 Area From £150.00
Botox 2 Areas From £250.00
Botox 3 Areas From £300.00
Dermal Fillers – Lips/Cheek/Temple/Jaw Line/Chin From £150.00
Bruxism treatment using botox From £250-330.00
Profhilo – Anti Wrinkle Fee
Initial Treatment £600.00
3-6 Month Top Up £325.00
Crowns Fee
Bonded Crown From £500.00
Ceramic Crown From £600.00
Metal – Non-Precious From £500.00
Gold Crown From £750.00
Resin Crown From £500.00
Temporary Crown From £100.00
Recement Crown £80.00
Veneers Fee
Chairside Composite Veneer £200-250.00
Resin Veneer From £500.00
Ceramic Veneer from £600.00
Gold Veneer from £750.00
Lab Shade Match £95.00
Bridges Fee
3 Unit Bridge From £1600.00
Maryland Bridge From £750.00
Recement Bridge £95.00
Recement Maryland Bridge £115.00
3 Unit Composite Bridge £600.00
Orthodontics Fee
Ceramic 1 Jaw – Includes Bleaching Trays and 2 Retainers From £2200.00
Ceramic both Jaws – Includes Bleaching Trays and 2 Retainers From £3400.00
Lingual 1 Jaw From £3200.00
Lingual both Jaws From £4700.00
Retainers £200.00

NHS Dental Charges

currently not accepting NHS patients



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